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"Enhancing the speed and quality of your website keeps visitors coming back."
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Enhancing the speed and quality of your website content keeps visitors coming back.

Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers supply massive capacity, global distribution, and minimal latency to give media companies and other high demand businesses the ability to meet consumer demand. 

At StrataCore, we do a thorough analysis of both your requirements and the market to help find the right provider at the right price.


Mark Schliemann

Director of Technology


"As a hosted service provider, managing billions of video views for our clients each year, our decisions regarding data centers and connectivity providers are of the upmost strategic importance to our business.

StrataCore was our advocate as we selected our vendors, negotiated pricing and navigated the contractual process. The result of their advice includes significant cost and time savings."

Benny Zaidenberg

IT Director


"Working with StrataCore was easy. It’s the best deal and a win/win situation for both our companies."

Matt Plitnik

IT Infrastructure Manager

Seattle Cancer Carey

"StrataCore provides personal touch during negotiations with providers.

Their availability and communication while sorting through multiple vendors, all under one roof, by an independently expert organization is extremely valuable to us."