Prices Continue to Drop
"More for Less" isn't a gimmick anymore
it's a reality

"Connectivity is a commodity. Our strategic relationships assure you the best service at the best price."
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Prices are falling so fast it’s hard to keep up. It’s no longer necessary to purchase large quantities of IP directly from mega-providers to get competitive pricing.

At StrataCore, our strategic relationships with service providers gives us access to the most competitive rates in the industry.

Plus, we have the expertise to negotiate on your behalf.

From 10 Meg’s to 100 Gig’s to dark fiber, we help you secure the best possible services, for the best price, on the best networks.


Paul Stout

Network Operations Manager

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"The best part about working with Stratacore is having an experienced and responsive single point of contact that can assist us with identifying carriers, ordering services and helping through service delivery."

Eric Grendell



"We made our decision to use StrataCore because they maintain contacts with a large list of vendors and they come prepared to every meeting with a standard set of recommendations.

They also help us avoid common pitfalls (that we’ve fallen into) and provide the expertise necessary to help us meet our telecom needs."

Wayson Vannatta

Sr. Director

IT and Operations at Infospace

"Big ups to StrataCore for using their industry knowledge to guide InfoSpace into finding the right data center.

With StrataCore's acute understanding of what drives our business and customer success, their team recommended several providers which saved us time and money, while offering valuable insight along the way."