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We have toured and fully evaluated over 200 data centers worldwide. Our experience enables us to place our clients in the best facilities for their specific needs.

In our research, we find a wide-range of variables between data centers including: staffing experience, power redundancy, cooling redundancy, connectivity options, power density and age of the facility. In relation to these characteristics we uncovered a  300% price variation between facilities.

Power is one of the most important components of a data center. A client must understand the power "lingo" to truly compare facilities apples-to-apples. For example, there are at least a dozen different ways in which data center provider define watts per square foot related to their power density. Unfortunately some provider definitions are designed to mislead the client. Below is an example of 4 common definitions:

  • Watts per square foot equals max breaker capacity at 100% of the A and B circuits (this is most misleading and favors the Provider)
  • Watts per square foot equals max breaker capacity at 100% of just the A circuits (this is misleading and favors the Provider)
  • Watts per square foot equals max breaker capacity at 80% of just the A circuits (more reasonable and realistic but still favors the Provider)
  • Watts per square foot equals max actual consumable power, not dependent on breaker capacity. The client is allowed to overbuild circuits and is billed on a true metered power basis (this favors the client)

Whether you are in finance, eCommerce, technology, media, gaming, retail, real estate or any other high demand industry, we help you choose the right services with the right providers to maximize performance, efficiency, reliability and flexibility.

As you grow and your needs change we can help you navigate the marketplace and help you analyze all your options. We keep you informed serve as your trusted advisor and advocate to help you buy smarter.




Benny Zaidenberg

IT Director


"Working with StrataCore was easy. It’s the best deal and a win/win situation for both our companies."

Tim Driggers

VP Technology


"I have been working with members of StrataCore for over a decade. StrataCore's team easily keeps pace with us and our changing requirements.

The team is knowledgeable, and experts in the local market, and have connections that enabled me to get the best price and performance while brokering our services."

Matt Plitnik

IT Infrastructure Manager

Seattle Cancer Care

"StrataCore provides personal touch during negotiations with providers.

Their availability and communication while sorting through multiple vendors, all under one roof, by an independently expert organization is extremely valuable to us."