We're here. We're listening. We're making change.


The time for change is now. Change requires action. Here is what StrataCore is doing to help eliminate systemic racism within our organization and our community. 

  1. We are committed to a process of lifelong learning about the ways in which race has fundamentally shaped our economy, world, and our workspace. Our leadership team has committed to each picking a book on the topic of racism and we are inviting our employees to join us in this discovery.
  2. We will continue to invest in bias training and awareness.
  3. We will continue to seek out diverse representation within our team while upholding our standards of only employing the very best people.  We recognize there is an abundance of talent and that our organization should reflect society.
  4. Our executive team will participate in a mentorship program by identifying and engaging our talent to help remedy the structural inequalities that exist in our society today by investing in the success of a recent graduate or up and coming black professional within our area of expertise.
  5. We will invest in our community by making a $10,000 donation to Rainier Scholars. Rainier Scholars is a 12-year program that offers a pathway to college graduation for hard-working, low-income students of color.  They provide intensive academic preparation, leadership development, and personalized support so their scholars can earn four-year degrees and become career professionals and leaders in our community. We will also match any additional donations made by our employees.

We will continue to build upon this list as we fight for the equality of our friends, family, and colleagues.  All lives can't matter until Black lives matter.  We have over 400 years of systemic oppression and discrimination to combat, and know this will be a long, tough road.  We will be there for the duration of the ride. Our foot is on the gas.