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The explosive growth of Internet-based services has increased the need for web expansion, as well as better Quality of Service (QoS) in the United States, Latin America, Europe, and Asia Pacific (APAC) regions. CDN services speed the delivery of applications to distributed audiences, allowing for better customer engagement and a stronger online presence. 


Whether you need to improve website performance, accelerate applications, or stream live video, we can consult on and broker the content delivery capability your business requires.


The StrataCore team will work with you to complete an IT infrastructure assessment, then quickly go to market to find the best CDN providers and services for your specific business and infrastructure needs. 


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Content Delivery Network (CDN) providers supply massive capacity, global distribution, and minimal latency to give media companies and other high demand businesses the ability to meet consumer demand.


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At StrataCore, we do a thorough analysis of your needs and requirements to determine if CDN makes sense for your company. Then, we work with you to find the right provider at the right price.


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Due to market pressures, CDN rates continue to fall. StrataCore consistently monitors these changes, saving you money by keeping you up-to-date with the latest prices.



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What is a Content Delivery Network CDN?

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a delivery method used by broadband internet access providers in distributing large quantities of internet content from different servers. It distributes content across the world by distributing the same content as requested by the client. It makes downloading faster and less expensive, while providing quality service.


Many companies use a CDN or Content Delivery Network services to store everything from website pages to videos, downloadable documents, software clients for games and email, presentations, web collaboration tools, photo and graphic images, databases, and web application interfaces.

CDN offers a network of servers that store content and deliver it to an audience spread across any area, domestic or globally. 


Companies can keep needed content on the CDN server closest to the end user, wherever they are, to speed up the page load time and avoid network bottlenecks. Content Delivery Networks CDN can also be used to host web performance optimization and application acceleration solutions that can speed the delivery of web content even more.


The number of CDN servers and server locations is determined by the need for coverage across a region. CDN service can be localized to a single company, or networked with other CDN servers elsewhere, to deliver content to a regional audience.


This type of small-scale CDN would support a business with its audience localized in one region, such as a chain of department stores, technology company or local cable TV network. The largest CDNs cover the entire world and use CDN servers located in large cities in various countries to deliver content and applications to enterprise users and consumers.


A Dual CDN or Multi CDN strategy further improves latency and uptime on a global scale for businesses needing to maximize web performance. 

Why consider a dual CDN strategy?


• CDN providers perform differently in different geographical regions


• Not all CDN providers are as reliable as others

• Not all CDN providers offer the same features and services


How to achieve CDN delivery efficiency?

CDN delivery speeds will vary based upon how quickly the CDN servers process requests for the content. If your site isn't receiving requests for fast content as quickly as possible, then your site will feel the slowdown. 


To guarantee fast CDN delivery, you should have open websites that are served from the same CDN servers as your customer base. This will ensure fast CDN delivery and allow content to be delivered on time regardless of where you're located.


CDN delivery is best achieved when the content is served directly to customers as fast as possible. CDN-delivery providers understand this perfectly, and they work hard to deliver very accurate delivery times. 


To ensure that they do this as accurately as possible, they must use a content delivery network (CDN) hop. These hops take content from the web server and send it out to your customer's requested web application security system first. 


Then, the requested application fires it back up to the web application security system, which sends it on its way. This is how CDN achieves near-instant delivery times.


With so many users around the world accessing your website content at the same time, there's a good chance that at any given moment some users may be trying to access content that's not ready yet. 


If you have slow CDN delivery, this content may be sitting waiting on your servers to be served, slowing down your website. To combat this, content providers make their websites available in " batches " quadrants ". This means that a website appears to load slowly because multiple users are accessing it at once, but only one user is downloading the content.


The next factor in CDN delivery efficiency is called caching content. 


CDN allows customers to cache content once it has been downloaded and is ready for display. Each time a user visits your site, they'll see the latest new content instead of being shown the old content that they've already seen. 


This ensures that your users always have fresh content, even if your site serves old content. 


How to choose the best CDN provider?

Finding a high quality CDN providers can be an intimidating task. There are many options out there today, and it can seem like you're not making any progress as you try to find the right provider for your web hosting needs. 


That's because so many of the choices that you make when selecting a provider for your CDN services will have a direct impact on your bottom line. However, Top CDN providers have one thing in common: they all must deliver the top content delivery networks to their customers.


When thinking about your CDN needs, you should first ask what sort of results you'd like to achieve. Do you need instant CDN response times? Are you looking for a way to increase bandwidth capacity without slowing down your site? Would you like to have real-time streaming media on all your pages?


The top CDN services are rated based upon how robust their back-office network is, and this also has a direct bearing on how fast your site will load and how well it's designed to adapt to real-time internet traffic. 


There are several factors that can affect your CDN response times, such as your location, the average number of visitors to your site, and even how many times a month you open. Some CDN service providers can even offer more than one server per continent. If your needs include real-time application updates and user experience improvements across multiple continents, then, take advantage of multiple CDN servers.


Top Benefits of using a Content Delivery Network CDN

The advantages of using CDN services are many. These include:


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Faster delivery of site content

Content Delivery Network CDN works on the principle of multiple copies, one sent to each possible client. By using this type of service, webmasters can ensure that the content they want is being downloaded fast. 


This leads to a better user experience, as the user will get the desired dynamic content delivered to his window real-time. CDN services also increase online traffic that leads sites to global connectivity.


Protection and security from malicious traffic

Internet users pay a lot of attention to security issues. While browsing the internet today, it’s always a big threat to get caught in an attack, either through a Trojan or any other virus that attacks your computer. 


By using CDN service technology, origin servers don’t have to worry about these attacks and are safe from it. In addition, because of the increase in traffic that comes from different websites, origin servers don’t have to deal with too much traffic. This translates to reduced bandwidth and slower response time.


Minimal interruption of the end-user

Using a CDN provider’s technology means that the end-user is not interrupted and you don’t lose website traffic because of a server failure. This is a big benefit if the website deals with important information or data. 


With a single server failure, the website will experience slow response and could even go down for a while as well. But when there is a CDN network connection, the end-user does not have to face any problems.


Better website loading

In case of slow website loading, the end-user does not have the patience to wait for the website to load. This makes most of them bounce from a particular site to another and this reduces traffic that the site gets. 


But when you are using a CDN service, you do not have to worry about this problem. As the content closer refers to different servers, it ensures that only the right website is being served to the end-user. As a result, website loading speed is improved, and more site visitors are attracted.


Higher scalability

When you use a CDN provider, you are not restricted with the space that you allocate on your server. This is because the protocol can scale up and down based on the traffic load.


There are many types of scaling that are possible depending on the amount of traffic expected. This in turn gives the end-users a better experience. 

As the traffic keeps increasing, the number of servers will also increase, and this increases scalability as well. Therefore, you can easily configure your network to adjust to traffic changes and this will ensure that your business receives a better uptime.


Better user experience

Another important benefit of Content delivery Network is that it provides a better user experience. As your website will load faster, you will also not encounter any kind of technical problems or issues. 


As the content delivery network servers host the files on the internet, the user does not have to wait long for the page to load. The web hosting companies also ensure that all the required resources are used and hence improve the user experience.


Decreased bandwidth consumption

One of the other benefits of using a CDN is that it reduces bandwidth consumption. With a CDN system, you do not need to invest a large amount of money on expanding your infrastructure for better website performance. 


As your website is hosted on multiple servers, you can achieve better bandwidth performance, and this will help you reduce your overall bandwidth usage. Apart from this, there are several other benefits as well.



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