Content Delivery Network - CDN


Deploy static or dynamic content at multiple locations across the globe to optimize end-user experience

Content Delivery Network - CDN

The explosive growth of Internet-based services has increased the need for web expansion, as well as better Quality of Service (QoS) in the United States, Latin America, Europe, and Asia Pacific (APAC) regions. CDN services speed the delivery of applications to distributed audiences, allowing for better customer engagement and a stronger online presence. Whether you need to improve website performance, accelerate applications, or stream live video, we can consult on and broker the content delivery capability your business requires.


The StrataCore team will work with you to complete an infrastructure assessment, then quickly go to market to find the best providers and services for your specific business and infrastructure needs. We help to bring clarity and confidence to the CDN sourcing process. 

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Today, many companies use a CDN to store everything from website pages to videos, downloadable documents, software clients for games and email, presentations, web collaboration tools, photo and graphic images, databases, and web application interfaces.


CDN offers a network of servers that store content and deliver it to an audience spread across any area, domestic or globally. Companies can keep needed content on the CDN server closest to the end user, wherever they are, to speed up the page load time and avoid network bottlenecks. CDN can also be used to host web performance optimization and application acceleration solutions that can speed the delivery of web content even more.


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The number of CDN servers and server locations is determined by the need for coverage across a region. CDN can be localized to a single company, or networked with other CDN servers elsewhere, to deliver content to a regional audience. This type of small-scale CDN would support a business with its audience localized in one region, such as a chain of department stores, technology company or local cable TV network. The largest CDNs cover the entire world, and use CDN servers located in large cities in various countries to deliver content and applications to enterprise users and consumers.

A Dual CDN or Multi CDN strategy further improves latency and uptime on a global scale for businesses needing to maximize web performance. 

Why consider a dual CDN strategy?


• CDN providers perform differently in different geographical regions


• Not all CDN providers are as reliable as others

• Not all CDN providers offer the same features and services

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