Cloud Cost Control


In the new world of cloud, controlling costs is an entirely new ballgame - take control of your monthly bill

Cloud Cost Control

Whether you're a CFO who needs to control costs, a DevOps who works on optimizing resource allocation, or a CIO who needs a real-time overview of all cloud activity, our approach enables you to take control of your cloud. StrataCore can help your team take control of your monthly cloud cost. 

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Control Cloud Costs

Companies today need to move fast to remain relevant and competitive. While cloud computing delivers the agility and scalability required for speedy innovation, costs can soar if not managed properly. Our cost optimization tool provides the finance organization with clarity into cloud cost drivers, tools for cost allocation along with recommendations for optimizing spend and increasing ROI.



Plan and Monitor Your Cloud

CIOs are responsible for making sure that work gets done quickly, securely and cost-effectively. Whether managing a massive map-reduce job or figuring out which customers are the costliest to support, CIOs need answers on how their cloud resources are performing and what the cost impact is. Our cost optimization tools provide the CIO with tools for assessing cloud efficiency based on detailed performance and cost metrics, across all deployments and environments.



Optimize Your Cloud

DevOps have successfully leveraged cloud computing to increase productivity and dramatically shorten time-to-market. But the ease with which instances and environments are deployed can have very costly side-effects with redundant allocations, completely unused resources and very limited visibility into who is responsible. Our cost optimization tool empowers the DevOps team to securely monitor and optimize their cloud deployment all the way from a high-level, aggregated view, down to a single, tagged resource.


System Integrators

Optimize Your Cloud

System integrators and other managed service providers need to ensure that their customers’ cloud deployment run smoothly and efficiently. However, this can be quite challenging when managing the combined capacity of dozens or even hundreds of customers.Our cost optimization tool makes it easy for SIs and MSPs to optimize their aggregated cloud spend, eliminate wasted cloud resources and accurately attribute cost and profit for each and every customer.


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