Panel Discussion: Cloud vs Colo

Over the past few years we’ve experienced a massive shift in how technology operations are being deployed; cloud was once an edge case and now we regularly see companies spending early, middle, and late stages in the cloud. It’s no longer a question of if you will move to the cloud, but how you will move to the cloud.

Some organizations, however, are experiencing "cloud burnout" and pulling infrastructure deployments back into the data center. The flexibility, agility, and scalability of the cloud come with a potential price for organizations using this technology. Whether the cost basis is money, control, performance, security, or reliability – at some point the price can become too high for some businesses. 

Watch the recorded panel discussion here to get insights, best practices, and use case examples of when it makes sense to move in/out of the cloud.

This panel discussion covers the following topics:

  • What applications work best in a cloud environment
  • Is public cloud right for everyone?
  • What is the breaking point for cloud vs colocation
  • And much more...



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