Cloud Consulting


Maximize the value of your cloud initiatives - increase efficiency, improve performance, and minimize risk

Cloud Consulting

Cloud computing allows businesses to rapidly find innovative ways to increase efficiency, improve performance, minimize risk, and reduce costs. If you are looking for an external resource to assist with developing a cloud strategy or assist with project management, we can help.


StrataCore has a network of valuable consulting partners we engage with to help your company embrace the cloud and streamline your IT infrastructure. Our consulting partners have decades of experience, can capitalize on early trends, and since they work with many clients in a variety of industries, have the holistic insight to help you source and execute a best in class plan of action.

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We will work to ensure your infrastructure requirements are approached in a way that is flexible and will meet your business needs for years to come. With the constant change found within the technology landscape, it is vitally important to efficiently determine what should be outsourced versus conducted in-house. 

Here are a few of the projects StrataCore's consulting partners can assist with:


• Cloud strategy, architecture, configuration and integration Infrastructure inventory and expense/audit for connectivity, colocation and cloud services


• Project management for data center cage builds, cloud provisioning, and circuit installation


• Best practices for integrating public/private/hybrid solutions


• Financial modeling, business and financial terms, scope and service level development

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