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Empower your agents to personalize omnichannel customer service with modern CRM Solutions

CRM Integration to Boost your Organization's Performance

Pre-built Customer Relationship Management (CRM) integrations empower your agents to personalize omnichannel customer service. With these seamless, bidirectional CRM integrations, you’ll increase agent efficiency and independence by delivering a real-time 360-degree view of the customer.


These solutions include but are not limited to, web enabled web-based applications, mobile application, and desktop application integration. In most cases CRM Integration services also support the full gamut of data storage and business processing.


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CRM Integration Features:

Personalize interactions with context

Give agents a 360-degree view of the customer, including insights into previous interactions, regardless of channel. Synchronize interaction data and history, give agents insight into the customer's journey, tie back to voice call recordings, save and add comments to customer records.


Increase agent efficiency and independence


A consolidated agent interface seamlessly integrates into the CRM system by streamlining omnichannel contact handling and shortening agent ramp-up and interaction handling times. Integrate contact center control, provide agents a consolidated interface, simplify omnichannel interaction handling.

Deploy and maintain with ease


deploy an integrated solution in hours, not days or weeks. Download and apply updates or upgrades when it suits your schedule. Pre-built integrations that are ready to deploy for Salesforce, Oracle, Zendesk, Microsoft Dynamics, and more. Eliminate costs of custom integrations, quick access to newly developed functionality.

Automate interaction handling


Skills-based routing engine ensures every contact is automatically delivered to the best available agent, based on agent skills, agent skill level, customer profile, and contact center data. Leverage customer data to optimize interactions, ensure routing to best qualified agent, self-service, automated workflows integrated with your CRM.



CRM Integration Services to Keep Your Customers Happy

One of the most important CRM Integration standards is the ability for one application to interface with another. This ability allows the companies utilizing CRM Integration services to effectively use their CRM software as a command-and-control platform.


Most CRM Integration services provide this capability to their clients so they can use their CRM software as if it were part of their own company network. This is, however, not always the case as some CRM Integration service providers focuses more on the integration capabilities of their products and focus less on the compatibility of CRM Software with other companies' CRM Integration products and software.


Some CRM Integration services are built to provide fast, easy integration solutions to their clients. For those companies that do their own CRM integration solutions may consider using open-source CRM software that has been modified for ease of integration. This CRM software may be modified for ease of integration with Microsoft Outlook or CRM, or it may have been adapted to work in conjunction with existing CRM products and systems. This is not uncommon as different CRM Integration services may have different approaches to the integration solution.


Other companies may choose to purchase CRM software and then develop specific interfaces that can be used with most CRM products from any provider. If the CRM product you are interested in uses a server database, the companies you may work with should have a web site or a support line that is easily accessible from their website.


Often the customer support line will lead you down a maze of tutorials that no one in your organization understands. It could take weeks before you understand everything you need to know and then it could take even longer before you can begin working on a project. By knowing who you are dealing with upfront, you can make sure that the project is assigned to an experienced expert so there is no confusion at all involved.


CRM integration is not only used by large companies that have hundreds of employees. Small and medium-sized companies are now employing CRM solutions to streamline their businesses. Smaller companies often have a limited number of employees and a tight budget. Therefore, many of these smaller companies do not have the capacity to carry out the necessary upgrades, training, and testing to integrate their products with existing CRM software. CRM Integration Services companies come in and help them build the necessary networks and implement the necessary applications to meet their business objectives.


How to choose the right CRM Integration Vendor?

When deciding which CRM integration solution to use, it is important to consider how long the company has been in operation and how much experience they have using the software.


You should also look for a CRM integration solution with a proven track record and a fair price. The most important thing that a company should do is thoroughly research their CRM software provider to make sure they are getting all the features and services they need to streamline their business.


Many companies begin to experience trouble developing their CRM software once they exceed their budget and start receiving calls from outside vendors. By staying on top of CRM software developments, companies can reduce the amount of time and money spent trying to figure out what to do in this transitional period.


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