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While fiber is still the most reliable medium for the last mile, Microwave or Fixed Wireless has come a long way in terms of speed and reliability with most WISPs (Wireless Internet Service Providers) now offering speeds up to 10Gig with 99.99% expected uptime.


This service offers an extremely fast install, diversity from fiber routes, and is extremely cost competitive.


Fixed Wireless is ideal for temporary high bandwidth requirements, back-up circuits, non-mission critical internet access, and for those hard to reach with fiber locations.


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Key Characteristics of Fixed Wireless

Fixed Wireless Internet is delivered by way of electromagnetic waves.


These waves are like radio waves, but instead of receiving information they send it. Fixed wireless connections are broadcast by towers over existing airwaves to receivers which the service company will then have installed in the user's home.


The major benefits of fixed wireless connections are that users don't need to pay for extra equipment like a modem or a router and because the signals are transmitted over already existing channels the connection can be used anywhere. To get the most out of the Internet, however, there are several characteristics of fixed wireless that should be considered.


One of the primary characteristics of fixed wireless internet is that no cell phone towers are needed to provide service.


Unlike wireless connections like mobile phones and pagers that rely on cell towers for their operation, fixed wireless internet signals are transmitted from satellites to receivers which only requires the use of a dish-like device. This means that while certain geographical areas may not be able to get high speeds due to weather or other factors, rural areas can remain online if there are satellites within reach.


Another characteristic of fixed wireless internet service is that the connection does not fall under the category of broadband internet service provided by cable companies or telephone companies. Instead, users of this type of connection must have an active wireless router or access point that will grant them access to the internet without hindering other wireless devices.


When these devices connect to the router, they can still work even if other wireless devices are transmitting at a lower bandwidth. This is known as a two-way or WAN connection, which is much faster than a one-way connection where only one connection is permitted to transmit data while the other is idle.


Although some two-way services are available at slower speeds than others, many consumers prefer the security and reliability of fixed wireless internet access because it offers unlimited speeds without the need to share connections. Of course, this also means that a user can use one modem from which they are able to enjoy unlimited internet access.


While some two-way services will charge a monthly fee, most users can easily afford the fees associated with this type of service because the speeds are often much faster and therefore cheaper to operate.


There are a few downsides to fixed wireless speeds, especially in rural areas. For one, users are required to use specific frequencies, which may not be used by everyone in that area. This means that the internet service provider may introduce extra fees for certain demographics, such as students or seniors, which would drive up the costs overall. Also, some rural users who may want to surf more frequently are unable to get the needed speeds because there is not enough spectrum in certain areas for the needs of the population.


However, these two disadvantages do not outweigh the benefits that are associated with fixed wireless internet services. For one, users have the option to enjoy the same level of internet connectivity whether they use a wired or wireless device. They can even choose to subscribe to a mobile wireless service, which would allow them to use these devices while still traveling. This is an advantage that wireless devices were never given in the past, allowing customers to take on more activities online while still sticking to a limited budget. Thus, fixed wireless may not necessarily be the best choice for everyone, but it does remain an option for most.

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