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HDaaS providers

Outsource your end user support to a customized help desk team using ITIL-based best practices. We help you find the best HDaaS providers at no cost.

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End user support is one of the most time-consuming tasks IT personnel deal with on a daily basis. Help Desk-as-a-Service allows your IT staff to get back to focusing on strategic business objectives. It also eliminates the need for organizations to spend valuable time and resources on training, expensive trouble ticket systems, and support costs for PC’s, MAC’s, mobile, email, VoIP, networks, servers and Office Suite application support.




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Some of the features of HDaaS


Single point of communication 

Functions as a single point of contact for all end-user related IT support services, information, questions and requests making IT communication easier and less complicated



Extensive knowledge base

For common customer IT support queries that considerably reduces the support load


Highly customizable

You can add, remove, redefine various fields for your convenience



Reduces costs 

It is a complete web-based service that can be accessed over the internet eliminating the time and cost in installing and maintaining infrastructure and software


High scalability

You can scale up or down effortlessly based on your user-base or according to your business growth



Easy to deploy and use

No need to deploy any hardware or software



Pay only for what you use, when you need it

How to Choose the Right Help Desk Provider for Your Business

Choosing the right HDaaS provider involves a careful analysis of all aspects of your business. Many small businesses are able to grow and flourish without the help of an IT support services provider (ITSP).


Unfortunately, many of these businesses eventually find themselves needing the help of an ISP when they face problems with their website, software, or network that cannot be fixed by an in-house team. While this can be a frustrating situation, it is a situation that many businesses can avoid if they take the time to learn how to choose the right HDaaS provider. With the right provider, your online business will experience the benefits of using a reliable Help Desk as a Service provider:


Support service

Providers of this kind of virtual help desk software provide a number of different support options. Depending on the type of service you need, you will have options ranging from simple phone support to live help desk support. You may also be able to receive technical support by mail, or even have access to a live operator during business hours. In addition, providers of this kind of help desk software often provide options for paying per minute or per hour.


If you choose the right HDaaS provider, they will provide you with the highest quality support available. Most companies that offer this type of online help desk software are designed to be user friendly. They will make sure that you are able to use their tools effectively and efficiently. So make sure you choose the right one and enjoy superior customer support.


Ease of use

Providers of this web-based help desk software offer an easy-to-use interface that makes it easy to interact with a customer support representative. This service is especially convenient for small businesses that may not have the time or experience to train their own representatives. Web based help desk solutions also make it easy to keep track of your calls. They can be easily accessed through a web browser, and sometimes even via a mobile device.


Affordable price

With prices ranging between zero to more than ten thousand dollars, there is a support service out there that fits your budget. Of course, you want to choose a provider that offers the most value for your money. You should look for a provider that offers affordable prices but also provides high quality customer service. The ideal solution will provide you with an affordable price and excellent support. With the right help desk software and a great support team, you can get more out of your online business than you ever thought possible.



When it comes to choosing the right help desk software provider, one of the most important factors is the experience of the company. A good help desk solution provider will have years of experience in providing online help desk services. Look for a company that has been in business for a while and has lots of satisfied customers. You can learn a lot about a company simply by looking at their track record.



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