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Intrusion Detection and Prevention Systems (IDPS Systems)

Rapidly identify, block, and respond to network threats with the help of professional Intrusion Detection Systems.

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Quickly find and fix vulnerabilities within your environment. Managed Intrusion Detection systems (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) work hand-in-hand to monitor and block data flows with malicious intent.

Investigating unreliable alerts can waste a large percentage of time for limited IT staff while actual breaches go undetected. With a managed intrusion detection and prevention system (IDPS) you get actionable insight when it counts. 

Managed IDPS Systems provides organizations with top-notch security experts that compare your network traffic with their continually updated list of signatures that detect a wide array of attack methods. You can also get 24 x 7 x 365 security monitoring, expert incident analysis, and live notifications of critical attacks by security analysts.

Our strategic relationships with dozens of cyber security companies give our clients access to the best options in the industry. Work with an unbiased advocate to source IDPS to best fit your particular business needs.

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The Benefits of an Intrusion Detection System (IDPS Systems)

An intrusion detection system (IDPS) is a tool or software program that monitors incoming data on networks, both internal and external, and sends up notifications when it detects certain things. It could be anything from a change in the speed of network processing to malicious intrusions into the network.


Some businesses use such systems not only to protect their networks from attacks but also to increase network efficiency by allowing IT staff to monitor and control software applications more precisely. A well-designed IDS system will allow the monitoring of basic activities and the creation of action plans that will address the most pressing threats.


If your organization uses the Internet for its network security threats, then an IDS is vital. Simple filtering of network traffic through an IDS could prevent a vast majority of security threats.


Additionally, an IDS can be configured to run as a stand-alone security system, gateway, or as part of an antivirus software application. An antivirus software application is recommended over an Intrusion Detection System because an antivirus software application has the ability to detect and remove a much larger number of known and suspected security threats than an IDS alone. 


If you have any questions about the benefits of an IP-based or network-based intrusion detection system, you should contact us to discuss your options. We will be able to determine which option will provide the best protection for you. Some of the systems are more suitable for certain industries than others. 




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