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Tailored technology solutions from conception, design, consulting, deployment, management, and support.

Do you need a comprehensive plan that addresses upgrades, technology transitions, capacity planning, and/or more efficient IT processes?


StrataCore will get to know your organization, its technology and business needs, and then support those needs. We start by meeting with you to learn what you do, how your business works, what your goals are, and then provide options for going to market to find the best options for customized IT business services. This includes network services, cloud, voice, managed services, and IT security. 


If it makes sense to bring in an external consulting partner for a particular project, we have an extensive network of consulting resources to assist with your project.

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Here are a few of the consulting services offered by our top-notch partner network:


Networking – A consultant will help analyze your network and ensure your systems are working effectively. Get help managing all the details; including routing and switching needs, data center, software defined networking and management. Ensure your network is running smoothly so you can focus on delivering quality products and/or services to your customers.


Unified Communications - Your customers and employees want to be able to communicate whenever the need arises, via voice, video, instant messaging, mobile or your contact center. With the right collaboration tools, this is possible. Whether you need to use instant messenger, video, voicemail, or phones, we will help you to determine the features and functionality you desire, within your budget. Then a consultant will develop a personalized solution, help with implementation, conduct training, and continue to support your team through the entire process.


Network Security - The impact of data network security breaches can range from minor to very significant. Setting up the right prevention measures is critical to stopping unauthorized users from gaining access to your network. IT security solutions consulting services go beyond just border firewalls; they include intrusion detection and hardening of your network infrastructure.


Cloud - There are many benefits to leveraging the cloud – storage on demand, accessibility, sharing capabilities, easy collaboration and often cost savings. A consultant will analyze your business processes and provide recommendations regarding the data that would be best transferred to the cloud. Having a thorough understanding of how your business operates is important to putting together an effective strategy for a seamless, and painless data transfer.

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