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Omnichannel Analytics provide you with actionable insights from every interaction to drive measurable improvements in customer experience and agent performance. Analyze all your voice and text-based interactions within a single, integrated, cloud-based application.


With StrataCore you don't have to worry about spending countless hours researching, doing free-trials, having meetings, and more to get the best Omnichannel Analytics Software. We make this process smoother for your organization. 



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Omnichannel Analytics Features:

Improve every customer's experience 

Analyze every interaction to understand what transpired, identify outcomes, and evaluate the customer experience. Drive continuous improvement, enable proactive issue resolution, pinpoint problematic customer interactions.


Increase improvement velocity and success

Pinpoint opportunities for improvement across all contact channels through automated issue identification and understand in detail what needs to change. Identify and prioritize important issues, understand what drives outcomes, get accurate views of emerging trends, search thousands of interactions in seconds.

Coach and train more effectively

Identify individual coaching topics and training needs for every agent based on their customer interactions. Accurately assess agent performance, make coaching more meaningful, reduce supervisor effort, identify individual training gaps.

Manage compliance proactively

Detect non-compliant actions in near real time and resolve them proactively before issues escalate. Enhance precision of compliance monitoring, pinpoint when agents are out of compliance, investigate potential compliance issues, identify suspicious or inappropriate conversations.



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StrataCore can help bring clarity to the rapidly evolving CCaaS Services (Contact Center as a Service) marketplace to ensure you get the best solution for your specific needs. Here's a short video that speaks to the advantages of using an IT services broker to source best-in-class solutions.

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