Stephen Semmelroth

VP Cyber

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Stephen is StrataCore’s VP Cyber where he helps protect clients. He is a US Military Veteran and served in both Afghanistan and the Army’s Cyber Corps where he led a red team and a threat intelligence team defending US assets across an entire continent. After a spinal fusion, Stephen retired from the Army and founded Rainier Cyber, a Veteran-focused cyber recruiting firm which was acquired by StrataCore and he still runs.


Stephen began learning his craft in 2000 by learning C and networking fundamentals and working as a network architecture analyst before joining the Army. He is also a professional ski and scuba instructor.


Stephen holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from West Point, a M.Eng from UI-Chicago (Phi Kappa Phi), an MBA from UI-Urbana, and holds industry certifications including CISSP, PMP, GSNA, GCIA, and GPEN.