Performance Management


Inspire employees to improve performance and align with your customer experience goals

Performance Management

Inspire your employees to self-improve and align with organizational goals by providing transparency and continuous feedback within a social, web-based environment. Create a culture of high performance and engagement with KPIs, dashboards, gamification, collaboration, and learning management.

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Performance Management Features:

  • Inspire employees to improve - Performance transparency helps agents see where they can improve and gamification boosts agent engagement so positive behavioral change comes naturally. Motivate agents with continuous feedback, show meaningful comparisons to their team, encourage positive behaviors with gamification, increase engagement and teamwork.
  • Reach goals together - Maximize everyone’s contribution to success by aligning performance goals, promoting collaboration, and holding everyone accountable for results. Set performance targets for everyone, align goals with business objectives, provide transparency into performance, increase manager and agent efficiency.
  • Maximize training ROI - Identify individual training needs and quantify results to measure and improve your training programs. Analyze before and after performance, create cost/benefit analysis for training efforts, offer agents specific help to improve.
  • Create a single source of truth - streamline access to information and gain confidence in its accuracy. Standardize metrics across multiple sources, consolidate data from CRM and other systems, create role-based, real-time dashboards.

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