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Contact Center Quality Management Software is an easy-to-use, full featured quality monitoring solution that enables operations to improve the customer and agent experience. With an agent-centric approach, this offering includes screen and call recording, agent self-evaluations, automated feedback, and workflows – all creating an effective balance between operational requirements and agent empowerment.




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Contact Center Quality Manager Software - What Does It Do?

Contact Center Quality Management Software or CQM is a software application that is used by contact center management and operators to manage the entire call handling process. The main purpose of this software is to track, analyze, collect, and route calls in an efficient manner.


This application helps the call center manager to set up call-order systems and to monitor all the operations related to the sales and after call processes. The main use of this software is to track, analyze, and record the performance of the entire contact center. These types of software has some additional features such as customer self-service portal, multiple dispatch, and workflow applications.


A Call Center Quality Management Software is an efficient tool that is required to improve the overall quality and efficiency of call centers. The main functions of this software include controlling the number of callers during peak hours, assigning extensions to customers according to their preferences, handling abandonment cases successfully, checking the server availability, monitoring the performance, and communicating with other staff members. With such powerful and flexible tools, it becomes easy for contact center operators to handle the heavy load placed on them.


When we talk about the benefits of contact center software, one thing comes to mind that it helps to manage the entire contact center seamlessly and accurately.


As mentioned earlier, this QM software generates reports. These reports are extremely helpful for improving the overall efficiency and quality of services provided by the contact center.  One of the important features of this software is that it generates and stores the complete contact center database. Such database is extremely useful for analyzing and making improvements in the quality of services provided by the contact center.


The database contains detailed information pertaining to every customer that has been dealt with by the contact center. This way, it becomes easy for the management personnel to check if the same customer has been dealt with effectively in the past or not.


Through the software, it becomes easy to find out if there is a customer who has been unnecessarily disconnected from the center, or if the agent failed to follow the required procedure.  For instance, if there are certain problems that have cropped up due to disconnection of a customer from the center, then the root cause can be easily identified and solved.


The contact manager can also track down agents who have failed to execute their duties satisfactorily. This way, the call center management gets an insight into the weak points of the workforce which can be rectified immediately so that the quality of services offered remains high. Besides tracking down failures, this tool can also help in improving the skills and performance of the employees.


This is because it enables the management to identify those employees who need proper training so that they can be made better performers. Another important feature of this software is that it also tracks down customers who have been dealt with improperly.


So far as features are concerned, contact center quality manager software can deal with various issues in just one click. For example, if there is any customer who has been dealt with in a rude manner repeatedly, then the software will automatically detect this and warn the call center agent.


This will automatically stop the call and the offending agent will be warned about his behavior. This helps the customer as well as the call center operator to stay away from such agents. 



Contact Center Quality Management Software Features:

Improve the customer experience

Understand your customers’ experiences and where they can be improved with an easy-to-use evaluation and review process. Custom evaluation forms, play back calls and screen recordings, ensure consistent call scoring, find the best interactions.


Improve the agent experience

Happy agents create happy customers, and engaged agents reduce attrition. Let agents critique themselves with easy access to feedback, create a library of best practices, develop arbitration workflows.

Ensure processes work

Improve both operational results and the customer experience by identifying where faulty processes are getting in the way. Identify customer pain points, speech analytics and customer surveys, reduce process failures.

Manage everything in one place

Reduce administration and maintenance efforts and improve reliability with an all-in-one solution. Eliminate synchronization issues, minimize setup and configuration, play back calls and desktop recordings.


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