Let Us Source Your Talent


We are a niche, contingency-based recruiting firm for full-time hires. Our candidates have two things: Federal service and cyber experience ranging from the US Military Cyber Force to NSA, DHS, DOJ, FBI, and CIA across all ranks.


We use the standard recruiting hiring model: we source, vet, and match candidates to your needs and charge the employers a percentage of the candidate's first year's salary on top as a cost of doing business. 


Most candidates have at least one bachelor degree in STEM have three to ten years of Federal service. Our prime candidates have experience ranging from conducting military Offensive and Defensive Cyber Operations to Federal criminal investigations to high profile computer forensics cases. Our target population includes Cyber Leaders/Planners, penetration and pivot testers, exploit developers, security architects, analytics engineers, security analysts, and more. Part of our transition program includes training (or review!) on concepts such as artificial intelligence, machine learning (CNN/RNN), policies like GDPR/ITAR/COPPA, data visualization, AWS, and business plans.


Why Hire Our Veterans?

When we say "best people" we mean it. 


Our candidates have experience in the Cybersecurity beyond entry level certifications. We give our candidates homework so they provide value early. For those candidates that are currently serving, we have months to identify and fill any knowledge gaps to ensure a great fit. Additionally, we certainly work with candidates that added cyber to their repertoire after leaving service.


Our candidates were required to undergo a highly competitive selection process before entering the Federal Cyber field. Selection rates have been historically around ten percent making Cyber one of the most competitive career fields in the military (right behind military Astronaut). Most of our candidates are Veterans with very strong work ethic, discipline, and high retention rates. Our candidates understand and conduct values-based operations, they have substantial training in proper workplace interaction such as preventing sexual harassment/assault, and their foundations in professional development and counseling skills are far above their peers. Oh, and they're all US Citizens with Secret Clearances or higher.

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Most candidates have or are in the process of finishing advanced STEM degrees and have a multitude of Cyber certifications ranging from CISSP to GPEN to OSCP to PMP. Most have been published and probably have a couple CVEs (see below) to their name. Candidates skills include, but aren't limited to, advanced skills in C/C++/Python (among others), domain security (blue teaming), penetration testing (red teaming), data analytics, virtualization, reverse engineering and malware analysis, project and operations management, application development. Outside of routine activities, they also expertly manage risk and adapt to even the most uncertain of environments. They tend to perform extraordinarily well in operations centers and uncertain environments.

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