"You guys have helped immensely over the years. I don't have to augment my team with experts - you fulfill that role." Brian Hanson/ThePlatform

"You’ve made my least favorite part of doing business painless. You provide an incredible service!" Kevin Day/Metapeer

"Your model has proven successful to me. You meet all my needs and save me time and money."Carey Fujii/Tableau Software

"Stratacore finds multiple providers that meet the requirements for connectivity, and hosting services, and then negotiates with those providers to get fair pricing. Stratacore takes time to understand the business, and matches the requirements to the solution. They are a key factor in negotiating to the best possible rates, and are helpful when dealing with issues. If a friend was looking for these services, I would be happy to refer them to StrataCore." Brad Bonham/Tableau

"Very helpful with all my needs. I get an incredible value out of what you provide! Great customer service!" Chris Morris/Celerity

"You guys are very responsive and are focused on our needs (and not on your own bottom line). Jeff is very knowledgeable of the industry. Really knows his stuff." Chris Johansen/Magnitude

"I have been using Stratacore for a few years now and they have always kept my best interest in mind. This approach has gained my trust and continued business." Mark Winter/Skytap

"Riley, I've been shouldering all the work on my own for the last xxxx. Having someone do all that work for us is golden. Absolutely golden. Not having to talk to vendors? More of the same. We are enthralled with how the work with Stratacore is going. As long as we're here in leadership, it's yours to lose. Keep running!" Randy Boyd/World Vision

"Jo, I want you to know that your partnership with us has been just phenomenal and I really sincerely appreciate all of the great work you do. Your help has made a meaningful difference for us, and I'm immensely grateful." Rich Carter/Seattle Children's Hospital

"Jeff has always been a good resource for me. StrataCore has knowledgeable staff, a good understanding of issues, good follow-through, and saves me time & money. Michael Griffin/Terex

"You're team has always done great work. While you are sometimes at the mercy of the telecom providers, you always go to bat for your customers. Jo Holland has been extraordinary. She was managing a straightforward DIA with CLINK and it went off the rails. She went above and beyond to get this install back on track. Even with us little customers, she was a hero!" Brian Poppell/Stratos Genomics

"You hire good people, Aaron. I was a little worried once we lost our previous account manager from our account a while back, but Riley has been just super solid. It’s been enjoyable working with him." Brian Capps/Zillow

"Stratacore saved us countless hours in finding the best data center space and connectivity for all of our offices, allowing us to simultaneously focus on other value-added projects for the company. Riley and the whole StrataCore team’s knowledge of the market and negotiation tactics resulted in saving us a substantial amount of monthly OpEx spend. We would not hesitate to recommend them as a very trusted advisor!" Jason Stefanski/GeoEngineers

"Linda you just brought tears to my eyes. It’s not nice to make a man cry. J Loving your job and kicking providers’ butts for wonderful people, like us at Vulcan, is wonderful thing. :p Please Aaron know that I think you deserve the Stratacore “Rock Star” award." Dion Butler/Vulcan

"StrataCore was instrumental in selecting and negotiating our new data center space. StrataCore's depth of knowledge, hard work and professionalism not only saved us significant resources, but helped us avoid potential pitfalls. We plan to continue to use StrataCore for future projects and highly recommend them." Giorgio Pranzo/Getty Images

"StrataCore has been a trusted partner in the data center and network provisioning space for us, and has been key to helping us get the most value for our service provider spend. I would highly recommend partnering with a great company like StrataCore to help navigate and negotiate your position in this space." Jeff Cummings/G2 Web Services

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"Jeff & Laura were instrumental in getting our services up and running in the Tukwila Datacenter and with Frontier. 3 adjectives I would use to describe StrataCore's offering: perspicacious, demiurgic, sagacious." Chris Johansen/Magnitude Software

"Riley was very helpful and knowledgeable. 3 adjectives I would use to describe StrataCore's offering: comprehensive, affordable, and actionable." How likely would you refer our offering...? 10. Russ King/Lead Master