Strength in Numbers, Leverage our Agreements and Connections


We know it takes a lot of time to get strong agency agreements in place - time better spent by our Agent Partners focusing on their clients

Agent Partner Program


For over a decade we have honed our provider relationships to ensure we have the strongest terms and highest commission rates available.


We’ve also made it as simple as possible to do business through our Agent Partner Program. Become an Agent Partner!


Benefits of Working with StrataCore

  • Evergreen: As long as we get paid, you get paid.
  • Quota free and no minimums: We never sign an agreement with a quota.
  • Non-Competitive: We do not compete with our Agent Partners. We track all opportunities and clients in a central Client Relationship Management system to ensure your clients stay your clients.
  • Diverse Provider & Market Portfolios: We contract with the industry's top providers so your clients have access to the services and carriers they need.
  • Established, consistent support: Our dedicated support team is here to provide you with the level of assistance needed to get the job done right.
  • Industry leading contract terms and commissions: We offer the industry's highest and most secure commission rates.

StrataCore Master Agency


Data Center & Cloud Master Agency

Independent agents who are looking for access to the top data center and cloud carriers in the industry can rely upon StrataCore to provide it. We have toured over 190 data centers worldwide and selected the top 50 providers to work directly with. As an independent agent you take the lead and we can offer varying levels of support as determined by you.

VAR Master Agency

Our Value Added Reseller partners are specialists in their industries. We offer the opportunity for a recurring stream of revenue from complimentary additional services. A VAR partner has the opportunity to take control of the sales process or collaborate with us if additional assistance is needed.

Branded Master Agency

Have you thought about starting your own agency, but are not sure of all the time and money it will take to get off the ground? Maybe you have already made the jump but are looking for something a little more stable? Our Branded Master Agency program offers the ability to run your own company under an established and respected name in the industry. You gain access to our entire suite of services and providers and we are there to support, train, and assist you along the way.



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