Board of Advisors

Mike Kleiman

Mike Kleiman, CEO, BandwidthX

Mike is the CEO and President of BandwidthX. He was formerly the COO at Verimatrix and Verizon Digital Media Services. Verizon acquired EdgeCast Networks, of which Mike served as both COO and CFO, overseeing its stellar growth as the company became a leading global content delivery network (CDN). He also played an important role in integrating the two companies and leading the massive expansion of Verizon’s global CDN infrastructure in the US, Europe, Asia Pacific and Latin America markets.


Prior to that he served in leadership roles with several internet/growth companies, including CEO of Strive International, President of SolutionPro, Inc., CFO/GM of HostPro, Inc. (a division of Micron Electronics), CFO/CIO of the Calibri Group and VP Finance and Operations of the Scott Sports Group. Mike also spent seven years in "Big 6" public accounting and financial consulting as a CPA for Arthur Andersen LLP.


Mike has a BS in Accounting from Montana State and an Executive MBA from Tulane. He has also served on the boards of technology startups and enjoys outdoor adventure sports.

Phil Lambert

Phil Lambert, Chairman & Founder, Ripcord Solutions

Phil Lambert is a leader, an innovator and problem solver. He is a well-regarded advocate and thought-leader in the continuity management community. He holds two certified designations, MBCI and CBCP.


He has proven success in the design, development and implementation of enterprise continuity programs, training design and development and managing teams of continuity planners. Phil excels at bridging silos within organizations by engaging team leaders to develop an enterprise-wide “continuity culture” that strengthens and conditions organizations to rapidly change when needed.


Phil has held senior leadership positions at two Fortune 500 companies. He was a lead strategist in the design and implementation of the business continuity, disaster recovery, crisis management and the Y2K program for Option One Mortgage, H&R Block’s mortgage subsidiary. Phil also held a senior level position as Director of Business Continuity for Safeco Corporation, a financial services leader.


He has a reputation for highly effective innovative solutions to complex problems within his field. Phil is a leading advocate in the business continuity community. He has served on numerous local and national boards for the Association for Contingency Planners (ACP), is a professional trainer and keynote speaker at national, regional and local conferences and meetings.

Mark Del Bianco

Mark Del Bianco, Attorney, Communications Law

Mark’s practice focuses on assisting U.S. and international clients, including fiber networks, broadband service providers, satellite resellers, data centers, mobile app developers and telecom agents, use new technologies to provide innovative communications products and services. With the growth of the mobile Internet and the move to the cloud, data privacy, data security and new cloud business models have become crucial to clients.


Most of his projects are transactional or regulatory matters. The transactional work includes negotiating agreements for cloud services, for wireless, fiber optic and satellite network capacity, for private enterprise networks, or for strategic partnerships. Advising on data privacy and security issues has also become a larger part of his practice since 2009. Recent client projects in this space have ranged from drafting standard website privacy policies, to assisting in client data and privacy audits, to advising on data security and law enforcement disclosure obligations, and coordinating the reporting of and response to a data breach involving customers in 22 states. He also represent clients in a variety of other regulatory proceedings at the federal (FCC) and state levels.


Mark is an Adjunct Professor for the Communications Law Institute, Columbus School of Law, and Catholic University, Washington D.C. He received his Bachelor of Arts at the University of Maryland and his Juris Doctor from Yale Law School.


David Lightfoot, Chief Financial Officer, David Lightfoot CFO, LLC

David Lightfoot has almost 40 years of accounting, finance and operational experience. Most of the last 30 years David has served as Controller, Chief Financial Officer or Vice President of Finance for small and medium-sized businesses. He also has operations experience and has worked as a CEO, giving him a broad business perspective.

David’s industry experience includes professional services, healthcare, real estate development, construction, property management and software.

David is known for his ability to quickly get to the root of business problems and find solutions. This is especially true in the areas of cash flow improvement, profitability, operations process improvement, strategic planning, budgeting and risk management. He also has expertise in implementing accounting systems, human resources and legal issues.

David believes that cash is the most important issue for all businesses. His focus is on cash for the short-term, profitability for the mid-term and increasing the value of the business in the long-term. He has considerable experience in troubled situations and turnarounds.

After financial factors, David tends to focus on people issues, believing that people are the biggest assets of a business and the factor that makes the most difference in business performance. He enjoys building high performance teams through careful training and management.

His peers have called David “a world-class listener.” He considers this his greatest strength.

David works with owner/operators to improve their businesses. He has developed an expertise in helping owners increase the value of their businesses and position the owner for an exit from the business.

David has been a CPA for almost 40 years and also is a CMA (Certified Management Accountant). He is a Seattle native and a graduate of the University of Washington, holding a degree in accounting.