Fabricio Benítez

Content Marketing Manager

Fabricio Benitez Circulo

Fabricio, better known as “Fab”, works behind the scenes at Stratacore to bring the company closer to you through content. He’s in charge of managing our Content Strategy so you can have all the information you need to connect with us and clearly understand the benefits of choosing us as your IT brokers. He’s the tone-setter in our communications, and he does the magic on visuals too.


Fab has a 6-year experience background in project management and marketing strategies. He’s worn the hat of an SEO copywriter, Brand & Social Media Manager, Content Creator, Communications Specialist, and Creative Manager. He understands how a company needs to approach its customers, and he also knows what customers are looking for.


On the other side of the tape, Fab is a full-time musician. He plays viola at Orquesta Maria de Baratta, a symphony orchestra project that he founded in 2017. He loves everything related to arts, philosophy, social causes… and food.