Common Questions We Receive at StrataCore

Why do the service providers like to work with StrataCore?


There are several reasons why almost all service providers enjoy working with StrataCore and other agencies:  Agents tend to have significantly more industry experience.


Service providers save time and money by working with agents. Direct sales reps are expensive – with their base salaries, ramps, turnover, upfront commissions, employment taxes, health care benefits, training, etc. Service providers only pay agents on a residual basis after receiving payment from clients.


It's the future. The agent model is more efficient and effective for all parties involved. Our partners experience real results due to our technical proficiency and superior client value.


Do I sign an agreement with the service provider or with StrataCore?


All contracts for services are signed directly between the client and the service provider. Clients sign a one page, StrataCore Agent of Record (AOR) and a Letter of Authorization (LOA) permitting us to work on your behalf.


How does StrataCore get paid?


StrataCore receives a small residual commission from the service providers once the client begins paying for the service.


Why does StrataCore receive better pricing than I can negotiate?


It’s unfortunate, but different customers pay significantly different prices for the exact same services even from the same service provider. Similar to the airline industry, service providers will charge whatever they feel they can get away with. Only by working within the industry you can learn to traverse the pricing game.


Can you help me negotiate the legal terms and conditions (T&C) found in all service provider contracts?


Yes. Many of our clients say that our experience with redlining the legal T&C’s is our most useful service. Unfortunately, many service providers hide undesirable language in their contracts.

We can help you negotiate better language including: business downturn clauses, limited liability for early termination, mutual indemnification, 6 month “fresh look” clauses and much more. Our goal is to help our clients find not only the best pricing, but also the best terms and conditions, which will give you the flexibility and security you need to run your business.

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