aaron loehr

Aaron Loehr
Founder & CEO

jay schwartz

Jay Schwartz
COO & General Counsel

lee pallat

Lee Pallat
Vice President of Cloud Strategy & Sourcing

Ed Kimm

Ed Kimm
Vice President of Cloud Solutions & Strategic Alliances

justin swanberg

Justin Swanberg
Director of Finance

josh gay

Josh Gay
Vice President

eleanor ferris

Eleanor Ferris
Vice President of Client Advocacy

riley rettenmier

Riley Rettenmier
Senior Director of Client Advocacy

charise addicks

Charise Addicks
Director of Client Advocacy

jo grimm (holland)

Jo Grimm (Holland)
Director of Client Advocacy

jeremy jones

Jeremy Jones
Director of Strategic Alliances

lindsey myers

Lindsey Myers
Client Advocate

laura naumann

Laura Naumann
Marketing Manager

megan seok

Meghan Seok
Operations Manager

mia vyzis

Mia Vyzis
Client & Partner
Support Specialist

Ron Beman

Ron Beman
Client Support Specialist

Ari Bennett

Ari Bennett
Executive Assistant

Kayleigh Wiliams

Kayleigh Williams
Commissions Analyst

Jean Foster

Jean Foster
Client Support Specialist

Our Values

  1. We HAVE FUN and enjoy what we do
  2. Our interactions are authentic and candid
  3. We practice solution-focused creative
    problem solving
  4. We are Results Focused.  We exceed our past performance and we exceed our competitors
  5. We exemplify the work ethic defined in our
    Core Expectations

Our Vision

  1. We are a great place to work
  2. StrataCore is the best place to be a client
  3. We are accurately regarded throughout the industry as the best regional agency

Open Positions