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Hybrid cloud is becoming more and more popular with organizations looking to take advantage the benefits offered by both, public cloud, and private cloud platforms.

Companies deploying a fully integrated hybrid approach can maximize their efficiencies by employing public cloud services for all non-sensitive operations, while relying on a private cloud where they require greater security.


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Hybrid Cloud models can be implemented in a number of ways, including:

• Separate cloud providers team up to provide both private and public services as an integrated service


• Individual cloud providers offer a complete hybrid package


• Organizations who manage their own private cloud or data center can add a public cloud service which they integrate into their infrastructure


In practice, an organization could implement hybrid cloud to host their e-commerce website within a private cloud, where it is secure and scalable, but their brochure site in a public cloud, where it is more cost effective (and security is less of a concern).


Alternatively, an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering, could follow the hybrid cloud model and provide a financial business with storage for client data within a private cloud, but then allow collaboration on project planning documents in the public cloud - where they can be accessed by multiple users from any convenient location.


A hybrid cloud configuration can offer its users the following features - scalability, cost efficiencies, security, and flexibility.


How to Choose a Hybrid Cloud Provider

The following are top tips to help you get started in choosing the right hybrid cloud service provider for your business. By the time you're finished reading this, you'll have a better idea about what makes a good hybrid cloud solution.


There are three the key factors that you need to take into consideration when trying to pick a cloud solution provider.


One of the most important tips to choose a hybrid cloud solution provider is to understand how the cloud works. Understanding how the cloud works will help you determine whether it's right for your business or not. Some people think that virtualization is only for servers. While virtualization is great for servers, it's not a very efficient option for running a business.


Most companies need more than just their servers in a cloud environment. The majority of organizations need their applications and data to be available in real-time no matter where they are located. This includes access to data from mobile devices. If your business needs mobile access to data, then you definitely need to consider a solution that includes this type of access. 


Another important tip to consider is how well a hybrid cloud provider supports your technology. A cloud application may be slow if it's limited by its server availability. However, a poor hybrid cloud service might not be able to give you the full functionality you require. If you're dealing with a lack of server space for example, then you may end up with a poorly performing application. Make sure you know how a cloud provider plans to support the technology you're using.


It's also important to think about how easy it is to communicate with a cloud provider. This plays a big role when it comes to the growth of a business. You want a hybrid cloud provider that can easily make changes to your application without requiring too much downtime. You also need an easy way for your team members to access information about the state of your business. This is especially true for sales representatives. If you keep your sales team in the dark about how your business is doing, you'll find it much harder to close new business.


As you can see, there are many ways you can use the tools available to you to determine how a hybrid cloud provider can benefit your business. When you use all the information you can find, you'll have no trouble making an informed decision. Hybrid services offer businesses many benefits. It can allow you to easily adapt to the changes taking place in the cloud. And, most importantly, it can help you maximize the value you get from your services.


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