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The three main Private Line products most companies look at are DWDM Wavelength, Ethernet, and E-Line. StrataCore can help to determine what type of transport service is right for your business needs and application requirements, such as uptime, diversity, and latency. Talk to a trusted advisor today!

Each type of Private Line service:

Wavelength - This is Layer 1, big bandwidth connectivity. Many carriers offer this product in 1Gig increments, scaling up to 100Gig. Because this is OSI Layer 1 connectivity, you add your own Layer 2 framing to the connection, which means you can set up Jumbo framing. Wavelength circuits are 100% dedicated, meaning you will know the exact route your traffic will take each and every time it goes from point A to point B. Be sure to ask the carriers for a Visio or KMZ file showing the routes. Wavelength is a preferred product if you have strict latency requirements. There are three types of Wavelengths - Unprotected, Protected, and Diverse.


Ethernet Private Line (EPL) – This has been the standard among carriers for years. It is typically built with a standard Ring topology. You will have a primary and a secondary route. The secondary route will be used as a failover only and does not count toward the bandwidth of a circuit. In other words, if you purchase a 1Gig EPL, then each Route will be Gig capable, but you can only use one at a time. It’s not 2Gig total bandwidth.

E-Line – This connection is what many will refer to as a “virtual” circuit. It is built with cloud-based routing. With the advent of SDN and NFV, this is quickly becoming the standard with many carriers when it comes to new Ethernet-based Private Line products. As SDN and NFV technology gets better and as more and more carriers move to the new platform, the service is becoming more reliable, better performing, and predictable; at the same time, it saves carriers’ capacity in the network core.

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