Case Study: Vix Technology


StrataCore Saves Vix Over 60% Through Negotiating a New IT Contract for Hybrid Private Cloud Services. 


Download the full case study here.


The Challenge


Vix Technology is an international provider of innovative transportation payment solutions to both the public and private sectors. Vix has developed and supported world-leading transportation systems, such as the Hong Kong Octopus Card, Singapore EzLink, Beijing ACC, and the Melbourne Metcard. Vix is also a global leader in automated fare collection and delivers turnkey solutions of any size, ranging from those benefiting small municipalities to entire countries. Vix Technology’s new client, ORCA, needed a secure, reliable, high performance, high availability, IT infrastructure environment. ORCA, the smart card transit system used throughout the Puget Sound region, needed their IT infrastructure environment built and deployed in a critically short time frame. This created a number of challenges for Vix, including:

  • Determining whether to build or outsource ORCA’s IT infrastructure
  • If built, understanding the costs associated with hardware and ongoing labor
  • If outsourced, understanding all of the financial and operational risks associated with utilizing a third party

Vix teamed with StrataCore to help navigate possible solutions. Under a challenging time line, StrataCore worked with Vix to evaluate two types of solutions – those owned and managed by the client or outsourcing management of their infrastructure to a third party service provider. Owning and managing the solutions would require a significant capital investment for the hardware as well as additional support personnel (systems engineer, security specialist and network engineer) to design, build, and maintain the infrastructure.


Outsourcing to a third party to manage the infrastructure would require higher monthly costs, but would eliminate the expenditures required to purchase the hardware and the need to hire additional staff. The StrataCore team worked to help Vix understand the pricing, scalability, and security between both options.


“StrataCore’s industry knowledge and expertise was a great help throughout the process”, commented Nick Halden, System Operations Manager.


Download the full case study here.