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If you want your company to utilize big data to make strategic decisions, then you need top workforce intelligence software. Such software will give you information regarding the productivity levels of each employee in your organization. It will also allow you to determine which employees are doing well and which ones are not doing so well in terms of productivity. Thus, you can find out how to maximize the productivity of each one of them.


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What is workforce intelligence?

Workforce Intelligence is a fully-integrated contact center operations engine that brings supervisor productivity to a new level by triggering routing or workforce changes to achieve optimum service levels. This allows supervisors to prioritize coaching and agent training instead of being swamped with undifferentiated tasks. Workforce Intelligence incorporates knowledge of performance and scheduling into current operational status, creating responsive, sophisticated alerts and actions without the need for manual intervention or monitoring.


How Can You Use Workforce Intelligence Analytics?

Various companies are using artificial intelligence to collect information regarding the activities of their workforce. This information is collected by using data regarding what employees do, where they are, when they do it, what they produce, and so on. This data from every employee can be analyzed using workforce intelligence solutions and then the company can make important strategic decisions such as find out their strengths, weaknesses, motivations, learning patterns, experiences, learning preferences, productivity, and many more.


Top workforce intelligence solutions will help you identify what type of people in your organization are most productive and which ones are most talented. This will help you in your workforce planning and will allow you to train them better or remove them from certain positions or projects. You can use this data to your advantage when it comes to selecting the right kind of employee for a particular job or placement. You may find out that a certain individual is extremely talented, but he is not good at following directions. That person may be a potential asset, but he might not be the right person for the job because he is not good with directions.


Many businesses use workforce intelligence to improve their overall performance. You may even want to use this system to see how your employees interact with each other and with the customers. You will be able to gain valuable insights into what exactly is keeping them satisfied. You can use this information to improve all aspects of your business and increase the satisfaction levels of your customer base. You can use this structured data to build strong relationships with your clients and your workforce.



Workforce Intelligence Features:

Resolve performance issues faster

Gather the right data from your ACD and WFO/WFM applications and respond in real-time to changing conditions by quickly adjusting campaigns and activities. Reduce handle time and improve first call resolution, reduce abandoned interactions, and missed opportunities, focus on customer service, not on low-level tasks.

Maximize supervisor productivity

Automatically adjust to changing conditions based on real-time information from the complete contact center view. Automatically apply proven processes for a clear trail of incremental improvement and opportunities to impact future outcomes, remove the need for manual stop-gap solutions that are hard to replicate and hard to measure, keep your supervisors’ attention where it needs to be—on agent performance.

Connect information to action

Workforce Intelligence software connects your contact center to your workforce—on the same platform in the same cloud. Free IT resources from the battle of multi-system management and administration, make scheduling decisions based on real-time information, assigning the right agents to the right tasks, identify new opportunities to improve processes and operational efficiencies.



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